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Traveling light is what we generally recommend. In the case of traveling in India there is an additional reason to do so. You will be tempted here to buy the whole new luggage! India is home to beautiful, very often cheap and exotic, original souvenirs. While we are not fans of buying commercial useless objects we are fans of enchanting travel memories into unique souvenirs.


This is a classic. Indian beautiful patterns, intense colors and highest quality fabrics will never go passé. You can go for a super Indian souvenir like sari, kurta sherwani, gharga choli which are traditional richly embroided pieces of clothing made from pure cotton or silk. Go for a high quality here and tailor-made. It’s not every day that you can look like a princess or prince! If you want something more useful and that you will actually use also outside India we do recommend shawls and bed covers. We can’t get enough of them. Silk, cotton, pashmina and many others that come in thousands of variations, colors and patterns. Heaven!



In India everything has a taste and smell. Everything that you eat, admire and feel is intensive. Spicy country is based on best quality spices. We will tell you where to buy these. In a right place a spice expert will tell you how to use them in order to extract the best of it. Once you take them home and prepare Indian meal for your friends you will see them calling you after much more often 😉



Essential part of every Indian’s life. They are everywhere all the time. Tucked on every tiniest shrine and temple, in the windows of houses, at the vendors’ stalls, in the shops, on the streets in Nomaday’s office ? Light weight, easy to carry, cheap and best quality scents that you can carry anywhere with you. Once you light them on the spirit of India comes back.

4. BAGS – leather, hand made

You will see the camel leather bags being sold almost all over India. They look vintage and they smell like a camel 😉 Origin of that leather items is in Rajasthan and in the cities of this region they are in best prices and quality. You will need to bargain a lot but it’s worth it.


We looove these! The variety, brands, smells, applications and forms are endless. India is home to the ancient knowledge about health and lifestyle – Ayurveda. A big part of it will be all sorts of natural, locally made cosmetics and beauty products. Search for these that are BIO and produced locally. Soaps, massage oils, lotions, essential oils, herbal powders…your senses will go wild.


6. ART – HOME DÉCOR, sculptures, paintings etc.

Each region in India has their own identity, festivals, music, dances and art styles. You will be dazzled by the colors and intricate work of miniature paintings from Udaipur, simple beauty of Madhubani paintings from Bengal, figurines of deities carved in marble and wood, tiny resonant brass temple bells from the North. Whenever your tour will take you there will be proud local artists following ancient traditions of the region. In this case it’s not only about the product you buy but also the beautiful process of purchase and interaction with artists.



Without harming the environment you can pick up some things that will always remind you of a great day, great friendship, great place, great love…Its can be anything, Just use your imagination….some water from the holy Ganges river, a stone from trekking path in Himalayas, small sea shell from the coast and so on…Those are the memories hidden in small charms.


8. TATOO or/and Henna

Tatoos are the souvenirs you will always carry with you! If your trip is epic and you just loved the places, people and experiences then you will always feel happy looking at a tattoo made right here in India. There are no worries regarding safety. Indian cities are huge metropolises with proper tattoo studios and talented tattoo artists. If you are not convinced about something extra ordinary you can just put a small triangle or a dot like our guests did this year. If anyway a real tattoo is absolutely not your thing then India has its traditional, mastered to perfection henna tattoos. Beautiful, ornamental, pleasant, healthy (henna has purifying properties), lasting 1-2 weeks.



You will be surprised how many so called serious people, politicians and business man have their personal astrologers advising on major life decisions. It’s not only in India! It’s the whole Asia. On you trip to India, even if you don’t believe in esoteric practices, fortune telling and so on, you should definitely have your own horoscope done. It can be obviously more than one if you want to have more fun and compare each. There is no place in India where you won’t find astrologers. The best is to ask locals for recommendation. You will need to provide your name, date and place of birth and prepare questions. Astrologer will check your astral sign and prepare full hard copy detailed horoscope. Some of them also use cards, tarot cards, palms and eyes reading, numerology and more.


The choice is of course a matter of taste. But no doubts are there that India is a kingdom of jewelery. All Indian women wear earrings, necklaces, bangles, hair pins, rings. You can go for the ethnic silver with semi-precious stones, gold plated traditional pieces, ultimate bling bling shiny bijoux. Price range is enormous. For men we recommend rings with semi-precious stones matching their astral sign.

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