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9 Rare and weird Indian professions

It is difficult to believe that such kinds of jobs exist! Yes…professions in India are strange weird and unique…You think you have landed up in a bad job? Have a look at those jobs and think again about your current situation 😉

Snake charmer Many years back, thousands of snake charmers were roaming around the Indian land and earned money by doing daily performances. Nowadays, it is a unique profession and rarely seen even in India, accept touristic hubs- entrances to the palaces, markets and recreational areas. The charmers favorite snake is Naja-Naja ( Cobra ) which has a dangerous and impressive look. The most interesting fact is that Cobras are death and they cannot hear flute music. They just react to the hand and body moves of their master- charmer and vibrations pounding the ground… So all this impressive Cobra dance is just an illusion and charmer’s theater. Even cobras, used for performances, are not dangerous because the teeth, which spread the poison, are taken out…

Ear cleaner Ohh yes! Who would trust 100% person who is roaming in the streets with the needle and cotton wool only? You should totally rely on him: it is not complicated practice and they serve 30-50 clients a day and one ear cleaning procedure cost approx 20-50 rupees ( 0.3-0.8 $)! The same procedure in UK or France would cost you 50-90 euros. How does it work? After soaking up the wax, the ear cleaner slowly removes the needle before using the pincers to take out any stray wax or cotton. The ear cleaners normally have regular clients who say that the procedure is very relaxing and It feels great. They declare that they never had any problems with ears any time ? unfortunately, the ear cleaner profession is slowly dying because the young generation prefers to use ear buds instead…


Wedding detective India is a country of arranged weddings, so the partners do not know much about each other before getting married. Some partners have girlfriends or boyfriends till the day they are getting married with a new unknown person… Indians are hiring private wedding detectives to check up on a future groom or bride and to know more about his/her personality, previous sexual life and financial situation. Indians do not consider it as a practice of spying; it is just another way to collect the information about the future family member… And can you imagine…There are around 15,000 such companies offering across India! The marriage in India is a deal and share of good between two families. The family of groom or bride is mostly concerned to know about finances but as well other important things: alcohol, drugs or cigarettes usage, sexual partners, habits, friends etc. It happens that the groom’s family arrange fake documents of properties ownership to make his son marry but on the end they do not have any land or property…That’s why it is common thing to check up those things with the help of detective before the marriage. Other funny situation happens when the daughter’s family tries to convince another family about daughter’s virginity. Can you Imagine that embarrassing situation when the detective discovers that the daughter had already sexual relations before the wedding?! ?


The knife grinder Mostly found in villages and small towns, the man who is sharpening knifes and scissors for everyone from the housewives to the fruits and meat vendors. The knife grinder has a relaxing life: he sits comfortably on his old machine that he peddles with his foot. The sharpening is an easy procedure: it just requires two turning wheels which work on a basis of friction! In the world where people are getting bored fast, shifting jobs, running after “new” careers, creative companies, tons of money and other artificial goods, the knife grinder’s only one task is to give the right edge to given instruments. How does he know when the angle is enough sharp? He does it by hearing the sound of the two blades which interact with the instrument…If you do it every day, probably you would also know how to shape and grind your knife 😉

Street barber In India the beauty parlor does not require to have a roof or walls, the street barber can just install his beauty salon in the middle of the street and show you his talent just right here. No prior bookings required to get served! Just walk in! How does it look like? Any spare wall or gate can be used to hang the mirror in front of which is placed a wooden chair ( often looks like an electric chair used in prisons ) .The barber has his tools in various pockets and often an advertisement for his services. By the way, it is a hygienic practice: the razor blades are only for one time usage, so the risk of infections and diseases is very less. It just happens very rarely that the barber cuts the clients skin! Even if it happens, every customer without exception gets a head and face massage with the almond or coconut oil and cologne!


Rikshaw puller in Calcutta One of the most crucial professions in all the world- the rikshaw puller- the man who carry and pulls all the carriage with people on his shoulders and walks to the destination provided by his customers. Calcutta- the metropolis which is still proud of its colonial heritage and distinctive architecture struggles to keep balance with the rest of the country and is marked by the chaos and lack of modern amenities where rickshaw puller is a symbolic job in the town. Calcutta authorities tried to give a modern look for the city by banning the hand-pulled rikshaws, declaring the system to be inhuman and humiliating. As the government did not invent and propose an alternative source of livelihood for rickshaw pullers since 2005 no new legislations been taken against this practice. By this time other things more or less important been banned: alcohol in Kerala, maggi noodles in all India, porn on internet and beef meat in some Indian regions… That is why we call it- INCREDIBLE INDIA!

Street typist Do you need to type your text and have it ready and structurized on the paper? It is an easy task for the street typist who starts the day by setting his wooden table on the street with the plastic chair behind and places carefully his old typewriter on the table. The day begins and he has to spend almost all his day in the silence and concentration- the job requires a lot attention to details to avoid typing mistakes! With what kind of documents the typist is dealing every day? Legal documents, wedding invitations, CV, books…the variety of texts is unlimited and the typist is accepting all sorts of texts! The guy who is doing this job since 30 years sadly says that “Nobody uses a typewriter any more. In a few years’ time the only place you will see them is in a museum, the computers will replace the old typing machine.”

Street circus or performances No need to look for it or purchase ticket to see the performance: acrobats, clowns and gymnasts- the reality of the Indian street life, especially in crossroads where cars stop and wait for the green signal to flash! Many people call them beggars but why that? It is true that the performances are not very professional but anyways it catches the eye and puts the smile on our faces. The kids demonstrate their flexibility while jumping and turning up side down, walking on the rope and making grimaces with colored faces. There is also a dark side behind this street show between the cars- the mafia is controlling it and kinds are not really getting the earned money. So think twice before giving money for the tricky street performance!

Parrot astrology Generally, all India is about the astrology which defines your name at the birth, the date of your wedding and the day when you should purchase the property, car or gold. The locals believe in destiny and positions of stars which define the success of the person during his life. The parrot astrology is a common sight in Sout India- Tamil Nadu where you can see a fortune teller under the mango tree with a colorful parrot and cards. The client need to tell his name for the parrot, then the smart parrot jumps out of the cage and choose the suitable card for you. The message is written on the card! Have a look at the exemplary message but do not judge: “ All your wishes will come true. You will live with dignity. All your worries will vanish. Prosperity will embrace you. A wedding will take place in your family…” It is believed that parrot gives the most accurate predictions every day. Believer or not, it is your choice! 😉


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