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Unique place in AGRA- cafe run by acid attack survivors

“My face doesn’t define my personality and an acid attack cannot wash out my dreams so easily…”

In Agra take a relaxing break after visiting the masterpiece built as a symbol of man’s love to his woman- Taj Mahal and have a cup of coffee or chai in „Sheroes Hangout“ cafe which is run by acid attack survivors…

Acid attacks in India are unexplainable, horrifying actions arising from the jeaolousy and anger, mainly from the man side. Women who are victims of those actions suffer not only physical pain but also social seclusion. After years of keeping this shameful subject as a taboo they spoke loud and created something great: „Sheroes Hangout“ cafe. The cafe offers jobs to the acid attack victims and literally saves their lives…WHY? Unfortunately in most cases victims are shunned from the society. Friends and relatives stop supporting them and turn their backs on them. Their parents have to see their child in constant mental and physical pain. Some of them commit suicide after years of mental agony!!

Rather than shutting themselfs in a room and hiding from the world, the acid victims decided to come forward and fight against acid attacks. One of the employees says “My face doesn’t define my personality and an acid attack cannot wash out my dreams so easily”. The coffee shop hires acid attack victims and re-integrates them into society. Don’t be surprised if you see here disfigured faces, some blind or deaf women, some girls who are unable to breathe or eat normally because of the injuries. Those brave girls instead of surrendering to depression or seclusion are now working hard in the cafe and serve mainly tourists. The cafe serves delicious coffees, cakes and meals. As well a library and a boutique are additional sections for tourists. The cafe was established with donations through a Facebook page, and it has managed to not only survive but provide sustenance to many acid attack victims: Sheroes hangout facebook page


Pay for your bill as much as you want! The cafe serves a big variety of beverages and food but you will be surprised: there are no prices mentioned on the menu. Sheroes hangout cafe gives a great opportunity for those woman to lead a normal life and earn a living. That is why the cafe where the victims are well integrated is very necessary- the Indian society needs higher awareness of cruel actions happening in the country . These victims do not need any sympathy from anyone. They just need a helping hand to feel oneness with society.

How and why accid attacks happen in India? How do the victims go on with their lives afterwards? ‘Acid attacks’ are brutal instances of barbarism where strong acidic liquid is thrown at a young woman’s face or body as an act of revenge by the man or a group of men. Most of the times the scenario is very similar: there is a girl, who is approached by a man as a romantic interest. The girl is not interested in him and refuses his approach. The guy cannot handle the offence of refuse and decides to ruin the life of the girl. It’s the ultimately selfish act coming from men of low self esteem: if they cannot get the girl, then no one will get her! They try to ruin these women for life mentally and emotionally.


It is a classic example of the extreme patriarchy system in India. A man (especially in rural areas) generally is allowed to do anything he pleases and usually escapes punishment easily. Acid attack is one of the most drastic crimes against women. It not only physically injures them but it also destroys the girl’s life, leaving the scars of the unexplainable crime on the body and mind forever… India as every country in the world has its problems and taboos. In this case you have an opportunity to show your support in fighting crime and social seclusion.

Visiting this cafe and having a cofee or cake is not only a break from sightseeing but also a sign of your support for women empowerment.

You are welcome to watch the video about the daily life in Sheroes cafe: Sheroes hangout cafe VIDEO

Almost every foreigner in India visits Agra and Taj Mahal- the symbol of eternal love…Take a peaceful break and come to chill in the cafe with boutique travel agency Nomaday travel! More about Agra tour—-> Agra tour

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