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Short escape from big city. Pay a visit to majestic mammals – Asiatic Elephants. Have fun with them, feed them bath them, do some trekking, feel fresh air in your lungs and forget about the world for these two days


respect the nature and wildlife
pack dull clothes matching the jungle environment
carry comfortable shoes easy to handle after mud, water etc.
pack clothes you won’t regret to scrub the elephant in
enjoy the fun experience with the huge friendly mammals!


Elephant river bath
Coracle ‘ride’
Learn about elephants, their names, habits and lovelife!
Trek in the jungle
Sunset view from Big Stone Hill
Elephant ride
Evening campfire

Detailed itinerary ( View All )

Waking up early pays off when you want to escape from the big city. Around six hours of drive takes you to the environment where we are all just visitors to a slightly bigger mammals’ kingdom. On the banks of picturesque Cauvery River meet the majestic Asiatic Elephants. These unique animals are declared endangered species and belong now to the protected jungle environs. They are very friendly and nature lovers are welcome to become familiar with their everyday life, habits and even love stories. Say hello to your new fellows and later put comfortable shoes on – you will go on a trek around the area to see the sunset from Big Stone Hill. In the evening enjoy watching the campfire and deep sleep in in cottages facing river.

This will be a morning you will never forget. Pick your favorite elephant and help him take a bath in the river! Scrub him well and enjoy this unusual interaction. After everyone is clean and fresh discover jungle on the back of the huge adorable mammal. Later in the afternoon shake their trunks and return to Bangalore (by car! Not on elephant…! 😉 ).

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