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God Krishna was born here and spent his young days in Matura which is nowadays a major Hindu pilgrimage place and an amazing destination far away from the nonspiritual and object-oriented world to the place of worship and sincerity.


Mathura is the place of Gods- it looks like there are more temples than other type of buildings, people from all India are coming here to pray and to ask God for good health, money and success for their life’s and their families… Besides religious Mathura, the trip brings you to the world of an architectural nirvana: Gwalior and Lucknow are two cities well known for their cultural and historical heritage and delicious meat prepared following ancient and traditional receipts…Spiritual tour in North India is for those who love temples and Indian culture heritage. Bespoke travel agency India wishes you a good time in holy cities.


Dress in Indian clothes before going to visit temples, it will help you to adapt better to the crowd
It is necessary to cover your shoulders and knees in the temples
Try kebabs in Luknow, Indians says that there you can get best ones.


Giant statues of Indian Gods in Mathura
Spiritual tour in North India highlights: loads of temples
Jain statues carved in sandstone
Gwalior Fort
Shaheed Smarack. Enjoy solo travel packages in India
Heritage walk in Lucknow

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India’s foundations are based on the believe in several Gods: Shiva, Krishana, Hanumman, Ganesh… The variety of gods and devotees reaches a number of 330 million… Mathura city is surrounded by temple music- flute sound which is a symbol as well as a tool of Khrishna. Generaly god Krishna looks like a cartoon movie person: all his body covered by blue color, the head is decorated with peacock feathers and his necklace is made from local flowers… Differently decorated and arranged temples are the strongest point of the city of devotion.

It is never enough to see beautiful places and incredible treasures...Visit the majestic Fort of Gwalior which is spread over around three square kilometres. The Fort itself is like a separate city, it contains few temples, palaces, water tanks, and even parks… Once the Fort was considered as North India’s most invincible building and chef d’oeuvre of Hindu art... Feel the power and mysticism of this place! On your way down from the Fort, do not skip the amazing Jain Sculptures carved in sandstone. Some of these colossal figures are up to 17m high!

Welcome to the paradise of NON-vegetarian food- forget about the vegetables and pure vegetarian delights and fill your stomack with kebabs, many layers of Parathas and Naans and do not miss typical Indian ice cream-Kulfi. This day is not hectic: get back the power after intensive sightseeing of the first days and discover Shaheed Smarack-marble structure built for tribute of brave hearts in the First Centenary of India’s First War of Independence in 1857. The monument is surrounded by beautiful parks and a river where you can take a boat ride and relax...

Try today a Lucknow heritage walk- a funny and interactive way to know the old part of the city.It is important to preserve the heritage and cultural side and it is even more important to discover these architectural miracles...The monuments are concentrated within an area of three kilometres: you finish visiting one amazing place and immediately other incredible places are appearing on your way...This is Lucknow! Evening flight back to Delhi. Our bespoke travel agency India say thank you for traveling to these amazing places.

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