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Imagine, visiting a winter-day sky above the vineyards on the countryside. The sky is cloudless with just the right amount of sunlight to know your surroundings. Standing within a sea of vineyards stretching ostensibly without an end to the man’s right or left. That very view, is a view to die for.

Wine has been famous all the world since times immemorial. Though, India being a new-comer in the wine-industry, the Indian wines truly speak for class-quality, zests and impeccable style. Most of the vineyards in India have tasting suites for the wine lovers to enjoy the best of wines that India has to offer. The ambience, the view and the hospitality that India has to provide is completely unique. For foreigners it is a must go because you’ll get to see a completely different side of India. Meeting a different set of people, place is a necessity. Few of the vineyards to go and unwind yourself from the cars honking and pollution breathing up their noses are-:

Sula Vineyards

One of the most celebrated vineyards of India would be the Sula Vineyards. Stretched across acres of land, it is situated on the outskirts of a town called Nashik. It is one of the most visitor friendly vineyards where the person has the pleasure to take a walk in the distillery accompanied by wine tasting with insightful etiquettes. A person can stay at Beyond which is a safe haven and can relish Italian cuisine at Little Italy. Having wood grilled pizzas along with a glass of fine. Just the idea of holding the glass full of wine sends a shiver down our taste buds. Fun filled events like the Sula Fest which have grape crushing, music etc are a must go. The fest takes place during the month of February which is one of the best times to enjoy the spring weather.


Grover Vineyards

Grover Vineyards, stretched across 410 sections of land is one of India’s most established wine creators arranged close to Bangalore in Karnataka, converged with Maharashtra-based Vallée de Vin (maker of premium wine brand Zampa). It was built up as a privately-owned company in 1988. The winery concentrates on creating premium wines especially white and rose, with the champion being its grant winning La Reserve brand of oak developed Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz reds. There are broad wine trails over the property, and it’s possible to visit the winery’s barrel room. Three and a half hour visits followed by lunch begin at 10.30 a.m. Shorter visits and tastings are additionally offered at the encompassing yet much littler Maharashtra vineyard, with its alluring patios.


Chateau d’Ori

This vineyard is generally new yet similarly justified regardless of the visit. It is arranged over 400 acres of land at the foot of Nhera-Ori slopes, Dindori, at a separation of only twenty two kilometers from Nasik. Nasik is considered to be one of the holiest places in India. It even hosts one of most religious festival across the world called the Kumbh Mela. In addition, the winery creates some top quality red wines and has won various honors for them. As indicated by a few, Chateau d’Ori’s Cabernet Shiraz mix matches Grover’s La Reserve. It’s a rare straight Merlot which is outstanding. An extravagance guesthouse lies on the property. It sits by an artificial lake amidst a limitless breadth of grape vines, making it the ideal destination to unwind from the daily schedule.


Chateau Indage

It is an outstandingly huge vineyard and was built up in 1982 developing more than 20 assortments of grapes. It is arranged in Narayangaon, at a distance of eighty five kilometers from Pune on the National expressway from Mumbai to Nasik. Today Indage delivers and offers a choice assortment of Red, White and Sparkling Wines locally and additionally universally under 32 different labels and it is most reputed for its elite scope of Chantilli wines which incorporates chardonnay and in addition cabernet sauvignon. This winery has an intriguing accumulation of wines in its wine shop and tasting bar. Wine lovers get the chance to taste six different selections of wine at a less expensive cost at the loaded wine bar at the vinery. The vinery additionally takes the visitors on visit through the vineyard. Individuals can appreciate a feast at the choice Ivy restaurant.


ND Wines

ND wines is the fourth-biggest winery in India, situated in the outer edges of Nasik. Nasik also has a very famous temple called the Muktidham Temple which has an intricate architecture made out white marble. The pleasant vinery has a lovely lake at its scenery and is encompassed by thriving green vineyard extending crosswise over 700 sections of land. N. D. Wines is the main winery in India to develop the world celebrated Cabernet Sauvignon-reserve and Sauvignon Blanc-reserve. The wines are the served on the prestigious and lavish trains “The Deccan Odyssey” advanced by Maharashtra Government and “Palace on Wheels” advanced by the Rajasthan Government. The best time to visit Nasik is during October to March during which the weather remains pleasant.


Why not coddle into the very roots of wine with the perfect blend of friends?

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