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FLYING FOX IN INDIA! Do you know what is a Flying Fox in India?


Yes – it is generally a species of a megabat in the family of Pteropodidae, one of the world’s largest bats! This unusual animal does live in India in the forests, swamps and jungles. But we aren’t talking about that… You might feel like one after trying the flying fox though! What we refer to is a flying fox also knows as a zip-line or zip-wire. A super thrilling and fun type of cable car on which you zip being suspended on a strong cable stretched between two points. Usually you will be attached properly on belts holding your bum and waist, you get special gloves and a helmet and then you zip above awesome landscapes.



Landscapes to be discovered in this unusual way vary so much in India! There are zip lines stretched above rivers, canyons, ancient forts and dense forests. It can be in Rishikesh in the foothills of Himalayas, in Neemrana near Delhi, in Jodhpur Fort in Rajasthan, above forests of Kikar in Punjab You get to see places from a new perspective, feel the freedom, the speed and adrenaline going through your veins. Adventure in India has many faces! It’s all done with imported secure equipment and trained professional staff. Even kids go for it!



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