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Go Guava-tarian, Go Healthy

Did you know that other than Great destinations, India is also the home to some of the rarest varieties of fruits? Some even so rare, people doubt they exist.

But if we talk about the most scrumptious ones, we just cannot ignore the fruit which has a very obscure taste, for good. Even we’ve been drooling over it since we came to India. When you taste it, you immediately discover that it tastes like Strawberry and Pear made love, this one fine day. It’s a fruit that has two ‘wow’ in its name. Can you guess it yet?

Yes, the fruit we’re talking about here is Guava. ‘Yay’ for those who could guess.

According to a research, Guava has been termed as the Ultimate Superfruit as it has the highest antioxidants content which decelerates cell aging and cancer. Plus, in India, it is one of the cheapest foods available.

So, Are you ready for the ‘SUPERFRUIT’?

What is a Guava?

Guava is a fruit that is mainly found in countries with a tropical climate. It is believed that it originated in an area somewhere between Central America and Southern Mexico, and from there it reached nearly all the tropical countries around the world. It reached India in the 17th century. It was brought by the Portuguese to Goa in India, from where it spread across the country.There are more than 40 varieties of Guava in India. Thanks to the extraordinary climatic spectrum of India that has almost all major types of climates, which makes it perfectly suitable for Guava cultivation. Evidently, India is the Largest Guava producing country in the World (17650000 metric tons).

Guava ‘The Ultimate Super Fruit’ – Why should you eat Guava?

Don’t even get us started on the good things Guava can do for you. Not that it’s going to carry your groceries home for you, but it can help in other healthy ways, so that you can carry your groceries home, without breaking a sweat. Here’s what the good boy ‘Guava’ does for you:

Enhances your Immunity

Guava is super-rich in quantities of Vitamin-C, which boosts our immune system. A healthy immune system means less common pathogenic diseases like Flu. Superman probably eats Guava because we’ve never seen him catch Flu. Just saying..

Limits Cancer to being just a Sun-sign

Guava helps you keep cancer away. Rich in antioxidants, Guava has always been notorious among cancer causing agents in failing their plans to invade you.

Bids Farewell to your Diabetes

There are certain things you can’t eat if you’re diabetic; especially sweet ones. Fortunately, Guava isn’t one of them. You can enjoy its sweetness, while letting its fiber content manage your sugar levels. Life is sweet, Guava lets it be. The Guava tea has helped people lose excess sugar levels faster than a rabbit .

Regulates Blood Pressure

Guava keeps the necessary balance between Sodium and Potassium, thus regulating blood pressure. Also, it acts as a cholesterol regulator, keeping heart diseases at bay. We have one heart, don’t we? Let’s keep it for our loved ones.

Gives you X-ray Vision

India has some of the most magnificent landscapes and you need sharp eyes to lock these images forever in your memory. Guava is pretty good source of Vitamin A, which in turn keeps your eyes healthy.

What and Where to get it?

What is it that’s there for you anytime? Well, the answer is Guava. If you were going to say ‘Friend’, you were right too. (Sorry for comparing your Best Friend to a Guava).

In India, you can get Guavas at any time of the year, except May and June. And the good news is that it’s produced in nearly every state in India; majorly in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (North India) & Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh (South India). It is so common here, that vendors at every corner sell them on push carts with a knife and rock salt ready, to present you with a sample of their Fresh cut harvest. Because they know once you try it, you come back for more. Considered an exotic fruit in European countries, this fruit can be bought with pennies in India i.e, Rs. 20 INR per Kg ($0.3 USD).

To catch the real essence of the Indian Guava fever, we would suggest you to do a private tour of India so that, on your way, you can know more about how and where they are grown. There’s a whole science behind how these blessed balls of goodness are rolled out of farms for you.

Biting into a Guava!

Guava has an absolute luscious aroma. With a tantalizing musky fragrance, a Guava orchard can be smelled from afar. And the best thing is that its aroma varies with its ripeness. It gets more intense as it ripens. The fruit has a soft pulpy core and a comparatively hard outer shell. When people say Guava tastes like Strawberry, they’re actually talking about the pulpy core that is sweet & sour and when they say it tastes like Pear, they’re talking about the outer shell which is musky and extremely aromatic. And if they talk about both, they probably ate a whole Guava :/ Guavas can be consumed with Raayta (Yoghurt) or as a fruit salad. It is so abundant in India; there are many companies which make Guava Jelly, Jam, Candies and many products which are loved by kids.

Surkha (Allahabadi Guava) The city of Allahabad, which holds big significance in Hinduism, is also quite known for its Ultra rare variety of Guavas known as Surkha. It is considered the best-quality variety of Guava. Surkha translated to Hindi means ‘Vivid’. The ‘Surkha’ variety of Guava has a vivid pink color with light pink pulp and an extravagant sweet flavor. It is much bigger in size compared to other varieties. With a bright reddish pink color on the outside, newbies often confuse it for Apple.

Guava Recipes

If you just look at the fruit, you won’t be able to tell what it can evolve into when it is mixed of couple of other of ingredients. There are many recipes that use Guava as a main component, and believe us, they are as good as any:

Guava Spritzer

This drink is hip for parties. You’d rarely meet anyone who doesn’t like this drink because of its appeasing smooth flavor. It is a mocktail which is served chilled with ice cubes.

Guava Smoothie

This is one of the favorite beverages among kids. Guava pulp is shaken with Cream or Ice cream to make this amazingly satiating smoothie. Dry fruits can be used too, to enhance the flavor.

Guava Curry

This might come as a surprise to many, but Yes, Guava Curry is also prepared which is like Sabji (Vegetable cuisine) that can be coupled with a Chapatti (Indian bread) and Guava raayta (yoghurt).

Guava Tea

Apart from functioning as a diabetes buster, Guava tea also does the job of waking you up. It has a lingering taste which keeps up the ‘feel good’ factor.

Guava Salad

Guava salad goes with anything and everything. Served with rock salt, this salad is most popular in Indian weddings and Family get-together parties.

Guava Pudding

We bet you didn’t expect one can even make Guava pudding. It is a comparatively less common cuisine, but is one of the best sweet dishes in India. Because of the presence of Vitamin C, the Guava Pudding also has a hint of sour which tastes just about perfect.

Guava is one of the most popular fruits in India. You can have it whatever way you want; it is bound to taste great because of the thousands of farmers which develop this fruit with so much love and care that it reflects in it. Next time you sink your teeth in a Guava, remember, you’re actually biting into the infinite love these farmers have for you.

And you ever need such love, We at Nomaday Travel are ready with our Boutique Tour for You!

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