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Has anyone of you ever wondered what would happen if a rainbow came crashing down on you? Bizarre it may sound; it does happen, every year, in India. It’s called Holi.

holi celebration in india

What is Holi?

The festival of Holi in India is celebrated to welcome the season of Spring, which ends the bitter winter and paves the way for a sizzling summer, somewhere around the beginning of March. It marks that time of the year when India explodes into a magnificent array of colors. It is one of the oldest festivals in India belonging to the Hindu religion.

There are many stories and myths surrounding it. Often associated with the love between the Hindu God, Krishna and his consort, Radha; Holi is, in a way, also the symbol of love. Some other stories celebrate the victory of Lord Vishnu over the Rakshasi (demoness) Holika. But in all stories, the common factor is the way people celebrate it. It is also one of the biggest tourist attractions in India. The hype that resides for weeks before the big day, can be seen at every corner of the country, especially in the sweets shops. People are often confused about where to buy colors for Holi that are healthy and organic. So, the best place for that purpose are the local color vendors with permanent shops. Avoid buying from local stalls.

Where and When do we celebrate Holi?

Holi is so vital to the Indian culture, that every year, Bollywood produces at least one song dedicated to and shot at the festival! To help you catch Holi at its craziest and most authentic, we would recommend you our ‘North India Private Tour’ because It is celebrated with most enthusiasm in North India. The craziest type of Holi can be experienced at Indore, Jaipur, Anandpur Sahib, Delhi, Lucknow and Varanasi. However, the most unique and generally regarded as the best place to celebrate Holi in India is Braj which comprises of Barsana and Mathura sub-regions, where it is played only with flowers of different colors.

Holi, this year, will be celebrated on 13th March, 2017. In the future, Holi will be celebrated on 2nd March, 2018. A Travel Boutique (India) is a good place to start booking your dates for a safe and fun Holi experience in the roots of the festival.

How to celebrate Holi in India?

Being one of the most globally celebrated festivals, many places are well aware of this festival. But Holi celebration in India is the only way to actually absorb the transcendental experience that this extra-ordinary day brings you. On this auspicious day; national, religious, cultural and socio-economic barriers are demolished and everyone celebrates with great vigor.

People spend the day drenched in colors. Colored water is sprayed at each other and colored powders are smeared on each other. Water guns are used to aim a stream of water at a friend. Sometimes only Gulal (powdered colors) are used for a more Eco-friendly celebration. Musical instruments, and drums are played while everyone dances and rejoices. Indians indulge in their love for food by widely distributing sweet delicacies such as Malpua, Gujia and Bhang thandai (a cannabis-infused, milk-based beverage) which cannot be relished anywhere else in the world!

Few things to keep in Mind

Although the festival encourages us to revel in the freedom, there are some precautions to be taken.

  • The colors which used, are generally permanent enough to not leave your skin and clothes easily. To avoid that, it is advisable to wear old, but modest clothes. Also, apply a mild layer of oil or moisturizer to the hair and exposed skin.
  • Occasionally, the colored powder may enter eyes, nose or mouth. In that case, rinse the affected area with water, shake it off and you’d be good to go.
  • Expect to interact with large hordes of people. Therefore, do not carry valuables and restrict yourself to the most necessary items.
  • Since there will be a lot of water involved, make sure to carry waterproof cases for your essential items. The rupee note is made of paper and not waterproof, so it is common to see colored, or partly torn rupee notes for a few days after the festival.

It is advisable to get a trip planner in India to arrange appropriate locations, assured comfort and use of natural, non-toxic colors for you, so that you can max out your joy without a hint of doubt. We at ‘Nomaday Travel’ aim exactly for that and more, to bring you the best of your memories.

Although Holi is generally considered a grand event, we learned it’s more than just that. It’s a feeling for many. Just the idea of it, brings smile to many faces. Distances don’t matter for people when it comes to Holi. Although, the real purpose of celebrating Holi is sort of diluted in years, but the anticipation yet hasn’t. The way people are lost in the fog of colors symbolizes how much we need the healthy kind of chaos for a day to set ourselves free.

So if you are ready for the big blast, don’t waste your time thinking about this and opt for our Holi tour package. Or if you think you are interested in spending some more time in India; sit back, relax and check out our customized tour packages in India to see what fits your needs.

Happy Holi!

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