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NOMAD'S GRAND SOUTH - Journey through spectacular tourist attractions in India including Karnataka temple tour package and packages for Kerala trip by travel agency in Delhi

South India is an extremely diverse region in terms of landscapes, peoples and cultures. You may find yourself surrounded by harsh, rocky, open landscape just like in Hampi and inside cool, humid, evergreen tropical forests in Kerala. In comparison to northern parts of India South is considered to be the softer side with laid back style of travel through colorful, fertile plains and gentle hills of Western and Eastern Ghats (mountains). Discovering South India is a combination of cultural and spiritual experiences in glorious places of worship, ashrams and palaces. During countless festivals connected to religious beliefs, agriculture and local traditions. Through proximity to wild nature and lush greenery, ultimate relax on palm fringed beaches and culinary ecstasy.

Why « THE NOMADS’ GRAND SOUTH with Nomaday - a boutique travel agency in Delhi»?

This trip covers major aspects that South of India is proud of. It’s a balanced mix of religious and cultural destinations of high importance in Hindu world and treasures of nature hidden in lush greenery of Karnataka and Kerala. First part of the trip has highly cultural character and takes you through temples, palaces and ruins of past empires and second is more focused on close contact with rich nature and relaxation. That contact with nature is important part of packages for Kerala trip. These twenty days are intensive but not exhausting so that in the end of your grand South Indian experience you feel energized and happy!

The itinerary “Grand South“ is ONLY an exemplary itinerary. We create each tour in India according to travelers preferences: duration of planned holidays, budget, favorite activities etc. Each itinerary can be modified and adjusted to travelers requirements.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST A TOUR IN INDIA ? We can not give you exact answer because each tour is personal. With your support our boutique travel agency in India- Nomaday travel will create a tailor made itinerary in India according to your individual requirements. To make it easier for you, we can help with itinerary design, boutique hotels and activities booking, travel planning and on-trip support. JUST CALL OR WRITE TO US AND WE WILL ADVISE YOU ON ANY INDIVIDUAL ITINERARY IN INDIA.

Advice by a leading travel agency in Delhi Nomaday Travel

Have your sunglasses and a hat packed to protect yourself from heat in Hampi
Pack dull colored clothes and stay invisible in the wilderness
Pack a small torch for your night patrol experience
Take a deep breath and inhale intoxicating scents of world famous spices. Don’t forget to purchase your favorites!
Experience massages and Ayurvedic treatments so important in packages for Kerala trip
Take both warm clothes for staying up in the hills and light ones for the beach.
Be friendly to local people and share the happiness!

TOP ACTIVITIES recommended on packages for Kerala trip and Karnataka trip

Horse carriage ride in Mumbai
Visiting Hampi – the Flintstone’s lookalike world and one of greatest tourist attractions in India
Nilgiri Toy Train ride
Jungle Night Patrol
Jungle trek and bamboo rafting
Kathakali – traditional dance show
Kalaripayattu – ancient Indian martial art show
Visiting tea plantations
Learning about spices
Spending day and night on unique houseboat

Detailed itinerary designed by leading travel agency in Delhi ( View All )

This trip covers major aspects that South of India is proud of. It’s a balanced mix of religious and cultural destinations of high importance in Hindu world and treasures of nature hidden in lush greenery of Karnataka and Kerala. First part of the trip has highly cultural character and takes you through temples, palaces and ruins of past empires and second is more focused on close contact with rich nature and relaxation. That contact with nature is important part of packages for Kerala trip. These twenty days are intensive but not exhausting so that in the end of your grand South Indian experience you feel energized and happy!

Welcome to the capital of one of the world’s largest film production centers – Mumbai! Hyper dynamic and cosmopolitan, Mumbai is often referred as the maximum city. It is country’s economic powerhouse and international center for business, entertainment, culture and of course travels. At your arrival a Nomaday Travel representative will greet you and take you to your selected hotel. Take rest after the flight and in the evening we invite you for a welcome dinner in a restaurant.

Wake up in a place that is a home to around 17 million people and get ready for a day of city hustle and bustle. We will start discovering Mumbai in the former colonial and most happening area known as Colaba, with city’s iconic buildings and sites such as Gateway of India and pearls of colonial architecture (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai University, High Court and more). Do take a ride on a typical horse carriage. Some people say it’s tacky, we say it’s a lot of fun to admire streets this way! They are beautifully decorated and all glittering… enjoy! After a day like that you will relax a bit on Chowpatty Beach famous for evening strolls, sunset watching and delicious snacks from numerous small food stalls. Once the sun hides behind the horizon we will take you for a fancy cocktail with spectacular views from the 34th floor open air bar.

Today your flight will be almost like a time machine! You will reach a very unusual place that used to be one of the world’s largest and powerful ancient kingdoms. Set in a harsh environment, Hampi is basically a land of rocks where nature has fashioned a unique landscape with astonishing remains of glorious past scattered on vast land. You won’t be walking through polished corridors of perfect, royal palaces or gold plastered temples here. Hampi is a complex of proud Vijayanagar ruins set amidst rather weird natural arrangements of stone and boulders resembling the Flintstones’ home a bit. At a time of its glory Hampi was a cosmopolitan capital populated by ethnic mix, with great amount of trade passing through. After a period of over 300 years of success it got defeated in 1564-65 and it is said that Hampi’s wealth was so big that it took hundreds of elephants more than six months to carry the loot out of it! After taking a flight from Mumbai and a few hour car drive you will check into your hotel just across the Tugabhadra river.

The best way to discover mysterious area of Hampi and catch the best views is trekking through some really outstanding paths. From early morning prepare comfortable shoes and start a trek to Matanga Hill. Carry water, small snacks and have your camera ready! The view from the top is something you don’t want to forget…

After the trek there are still impressive sites waiting for you to discover in the Sacred Centre. In the afternoon the area gets quite hot so you might consider renting a simple bicycle to go around or hiring a rickshaw. Along the river there are complexes of temples with distinctive architectonic beauty such as Virupaksha Temple, Rama Temple, Vittala Temple, Krishna Temple and others.

After breakfast your car will take you to a nearby hamlet of Anegundi. Again remember about comfortable shoes as there are around 650 steps to climb for the Anjanadri Hill believed to be the legendary birthplace of Hanuman, the monkey god from the Ramayana. Hanuman the mighty ape that aided Lord Rama in his expedition against evil forces is an avatar of Lord Shiva and is one of the most popular Hindu deities. He is considered a Superman of Hindu pantheon, with powers like flying in the air without any technical aid, unbeatable strength, transforming himself into a bigger image like Hulk etc. The top of the hill affords you a gorgeous panoramic view of Hampi ruins and the Tungabhadra river. After this detour you are still going to visit Hampi’s ruins located in the Royal Centre. Admire glorious remains of powerful kingdom starting from a two storied Lotus Palace, huge Elephant Stables, Queen’s Bath and temples. Overnight in hotel.

You will leave Hampi in the morning and head South. Today there is a quite big distance to cover, you will stop for lunch on the way, reach in the afternoon district of Hassan and check into a heritage resort. You can refresh yourself there after long journey, relax, have an ayurvedic massage and delicious meal. Overnight in the resort.

A day trip starting in the morning to Belur and Haelebid to admire more temples. After sightseeing you will head directly towards your next destination- Mysore. Belur and Halebeedu are renowned for temples that represent artistically the most exuberant periods of Hindu cultural development. Discover Channekeshava Temple in Belur outstanding 12th century masterpiece that took over 100 years to complete and is still in daily use! Next example of Hoysala art is Hoysaleswara Temple in Haelebidu with delicate, precise carvings on the massive outside walls. Next stop is Mysore which you will reach in the evening. You will have time to relax and get ready for upcoming day full of activities.

Once being over there spend a day among magnificent palaces, majestic buildings and sprawling gardens. The unique capital city of the Wodyears will take you on a trip back in time in royal ambience. Sightseeing there is a feast for eyes while visiting the Maharaja’s Palace (Amba Vilas), the town hall, fort and Mysore Park, Brindavan Gardens and many more. This charming city offers also multiple opportunities to amaze your taste buds. Don’t hesitate to try local specialties at innumerable eateries and food joints. We advise you to take a look at markets of Mysore. It’s a place where you can find authentic and beautiful silk saris, sandalwood products, rose wood inlay work, gold leaf work and more local items. You should have your camera charged to capture all these shapes and colors of fabrics, fresh veggies, fruits and vigorous vendors. Refresh your bargaining skills before heading there! Since the city is a reflection of royalty you will be accommodated in one of its beautiful heritage resorts. There it’s your time to relax like a king.

Free morning for peaceful breakfast and visiting Mysore’s colurful lively fruit & vegetable market. Don’t forget your camera! These juicy stalls just wait to be snapped. After we continue the journey towards south, destination: Ooty. This place is an important part of packages for Kerala trips. There you can relax or/and visit botanical garden and take surely deserved rest.

A full day trek with a guide is the best way to discover the beauty of this pristine, charming place. For horse riding lovers there are also options of going around the lake or having a longer horse excursion. It’s all about admiring beauty of greenery and nature and soak into a relaxed atmosphere. Overnight in hotel.

The journey towards south will start with an unusual 4 hour drive on a Nilgiri Toy train to Coimbatore. This is probably the most scenic train journey you have ever been on. Going through numerous tunnels and bridges it is the steepest railway track in the whole of Asia! In Coimbatore you will change to car transport that will take you to Munnar. Check into hotel, relax and enjoy free time.

You will go on a full day trek and a tea and spices plantation visit. All you need is comfortable shoes, warm clothes (it’s one of the highest tea- growing estates), camera and peace of mind. Mountain crisp air is never enough. Overnight in cozy hotel in Munnar.

Departing in the morning you will get into the area of the Western Ghats with Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, if you are not afraid of the darkness, on the Night Patrol you will discover the jungle and its various inhabitants such as wild elephants, bisons, wild boars, sambars and if you are lucky tigers! Steel nerves and silence is a must! For those afraid of the darkness there is an opportunity to enjoy traditional dance show – Kathakali. Before the unusual performance itself you will get to see the elaborated make up creation process. Overnight in Periyar.

Full day programme combining trek through different tropical habitats and bamboo rafting. Listen to tribal guide’s stories and facts about surrounding flora and fauna, return on a bamboo raft. Overnight stay in hotel.

Next destination is a gateway to the mysterious maze of canals, islands and paddy fields – the backwaters. After arrival enjoy the walks on the bank of Vambanad Lake and visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Overnight in Kumarakom resort.


After check out you will board your new temporary house and mean of transportation - boathouse! This is how you discover and admire unique backwaters of Kerala. Fresh meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast) will be prepared on the boat while slowly following the flow of water. From the cozy deck of your private boat, get the close up of lush jungle and everyday life having its own slow cycle there. Watch exotic birds and jungle mysterious creatures living in harmony with peaceful local people. Overnight stay on board.


From the house boat experience you will be driven to a small paradise at the end of your active holidays. Marari beach is nestled north from Alleppey and here you will enjoy tranquil ambiance, some rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage and mouth-watering meals. Overnight in beach resort.

Grab your swimsuit, UV cream protection and sunglasses! Enjoy the day of relaxation. Overnight in beach resort.

Leaving Marari and heading to Cochin. Do some sightseeing and last shopping in this charming city. With its interesting past, nowadays it’s a collection of islands and districts with distinct personality. From the colonial trading post of Fort Cochin and concrete towers of Ernakulam, to the sandy beaches of Vypeen Island. In the evening board your flight for onward journey.

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