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Get to know Kerala houseboat schedule and daily program!

Houseboats are big, slow-moving, beautiful houses on water used for relaxing Kerala backwaters houseboat cruise and lead through canals and local villages. They are the ex-versions of barges which were called “Kuttuvallams” few centuries ago. The original version of houseboats had a different usage: max 30 tons of rice and spices were transported from one port to another one. The prime motive was just to transport food stocks across India, but those times are gone. Now these houseboats are an integral part of India trip packages for Kerala. Enjoy your unforgettable experience on unique backwaters of ”Gods owned country”- Kerala.


kerala houseboat trips  kerala houseboat trips


Houseboats are one of the most iconic features of South India trip packages for Kerala backwaters houseboat cruise. The simplicity that Kerala has, is in everything; even in the creation of a Houseboat.

The original boat is made from planks of wood joined together with coir. No nails involved. The coat of the boat is built with the resin from boiled cashew kernels and surprisingly the Kuttuvallam can survive for generations! The authentic Kuttuvallam did not have rooms, just a restroom and kitchen for a crew where the freshly cooked fish was served.

When the modernized boats appeared on the backwaters with better and faster facilities to transport goods, the real Kettuvallams started to accommodate travelers for Kerala houseboat trips or just as a hotel on water with great services.

At this time only natural products are used for constructing the houseboat: bamboo sticks for carcase, areca nut tree leaves for the roof, coir and wooden planks for the floor and coconut tree for beds. The most surprising thing of this Kerala backwaters houseboat cruise is that the houseboats are very eco-friendly and majority of them contains solar panels. That mean the entire tour’s power requirements are met by solar energy. Travel on houseboats and do not litter the nature!


kerala houseboat trips  kerala houseboat trips


House boat is like a luxurious and comfortable hotel on the water: it has nicely furnished bedrooms, western toilets, living rooms converted to open space terraces and some balconies. The privacy is guaranteed, the food served is great; basically you worry about nothing. Experience it all with boutique tour operator in India – Nomaday Travel and leave the rest to our experts. We will tailor the daily houseboat program and Kerala houseboat schedule.


kerala houseboat trips  kerala houseboat trips


The houseboat contains air conditioned bedrooms with huge windows, so you are able to chill on your bed and get amazed by the view. All boats have a living room-terrace ( mostly in open air) where you can spend your day and have your lunch and dinner or just hang out with your friends/family or with your book.

There’s a schedule of this Kerala backwaters houseboat cruise that you will have on these afloat cute little houses. The boarding starts at 11:30 AM when the personal captain starts the drive for all day long through the dream backwaters. The private cook will surprise you with a variety of food. You can choose to have vegetarian or non vegetarian meals which contain fresh fish and chicken; everything is organized in a pitch-perfect way by boutique tour operator in India ‘Nomaday Travel’. This is a paradise for your stomach: the table will be covered with south Indian dishes and cooked in the local manner which isn’t very spicy. Let the professioal cook to serve you amazing Keralian dishes on your private houseboat!


kerala houseboat trips  kerala houseboat trips


The houseboat will park at approximately 6PM in the calm shore (it is not allowed to move in backwaters after sunset) where you can enjoy the evening ambiance: the dinner under the sky, the night fishing or just chill with your company. To spend the night in the houseboat is a real delight and pleasure, especially if you spend the time with your beloved one. The charming houseboat‘s ambiance and Kerala‘s backwaters is a perfect combination for your honeymoon or romantic getaway! We highly recommend it for couples who need some unique time with each other and beautiful memories of India trip packages for Kerala. Kerala houseboat schedule is flexible!


Boutique tour operator India  luxury destinations in india


Next day at 9AM , after your South Indian breakfast, the captain brings you back to the shore. Kerala houseboat trips are extendable; so if you want another night at the boat, you can . It is a great fun and a sort of meditation. We recommend longer holidays on houseboat for families with kids or group of friends: you can find great activities each day: fishing, on-boat culinary lessons, visiting different villages, sunbathing, book reading, hanging out and everything that typical India trip packages for Kerala must have, seamlessly organized by boutique tour operator in India ‘Nomaday Travel’.


  Boutique tour operator India



Stay during these Kerala Houseboat trips might be your most soothing of experiences ever : you will cross local fishermen villages, exotic canals, ayurvedic shops, fruit stalls and coastal schools. For a more detailed tour of the cultural side of South India, opt for the South India trip packages for Kerala tour by Nomaday Travel – The Boutique tour operator in India. The nature is kind of untouched and offers a real view to the rural and authentic life style. Why not to float on the houseboat and on the same time to get a relief from the stress, fatigue. Discover and enjoy the panorama of the actual village life on the houseboat.


south india trip packages  south india trip packages


South India has a lot to explore and the variety of experiences it has, is huge. But we have designed specific tours, just for you, according to your requirements and preferences. Choose from custom made South India trip packages for Kerala tour with boutique tour operator in India ‘Nomaday Travel’ and explore Houseboat, Backwaters and many other exhilarating things in Kerala – God’s Own Country.



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