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WHERE NOMADS STAY? Selected range of heritage hotels India, boutique hotels India, Luxury hotels in India and much more

As a boutique travel agency India we carefully select places where our guests stay. Nomads stay wherever they feel good, where the vibes are great, where people are kind and where positive energy fills the air. We have found these places all across India and we recommend them in our itineraries. You may opt for a tent right on the sands of Thar Desert, a heritage hotel India for example a small, vintage hotel in narrow streets of Cochin, luxury hotels in India such as private, lavish villa facing the Arabian Sea or a cozy homestay nestled between valleys and mountains in the North… Options are countless!


Hidden in the of the finest tiger reserves of the world, the hideaway offers a stay in a tree! Do you remember when you were climbing in the trees in your childhood and had an imagination how it would be great to stay longer between the branches of the tree… dreams will come true! Jungle lodges with private bathrooms are perfectly constructed in the trees in front of the tiger reserve: designed in an unseen fusion of traditional jungle living and modern design, situated in a private harmonious nature- everything for an ideal privacy! The best part is that lodges have the attached pot with water which is often frequented by dears. Just get into nature and admire wild animals!

Camping with Leopard

It lies on the middle of the savage nature, where leopards wander around wild and totally free. No borders, no restrictions! Jump into 4×4 jeep with naturalist and meet a thriving population of big cats – local leopards… The same situation with Rabari nomads: they raise camels, make their lives in mud huts, in desert and produce authentic textile and embroidery…Freedom is a main factor of the happiness in this area! Designed by owners with handmade India crafts using old traditions of Rabari art, the ambiance of tents combines an abundant adventure, luxury and vigorous wildness at its finest. Each tent contains a private deck looking upon the rocks where animals run freely in unlimited fields. Would you like to have a private luxurious dinner in a bush overlooking the expanse of wilderness? Organically-grown food under the open sky and stars with perfect service and cozy ambiance makes you feel the power of nature!

Maharaja Tents

Luxurious feeling of nature…


Even as you approach this hidden getaway the mood changes as does the landscape. A deer or two are a normal sight and with a little luck you may chance upon the beautiful catwalk of a wild leopard, surveying his kingdom with grace and stealth… A jungle retreat and Spa-resort, situated in a carefully preserved forest… How to get perfectly relaxed? Just a view of Mussoorie and mountain range of Shivalik make your stay impeccable. It is really exceptional property with personal touch: the place takes 23 acres with its own bird aviary, farm with organic vegetables and fruits, 2 resto-bars (meals consist the goodies from organic farm) and unforgettable evening with bonfires in many beautiful sitting areas… After completing activities outside, the resort invites you to sleep in rooms and suites which are individually designed to keep colonial era style with the most modern amenities. The perfect escape from the moving city, on this big vacation, the best thing is that the family pets are allowed too!!!


Freedom in a palace…


Another Nomads’ pick is the charm of Portuguese old villa, cosiness of Mughal unique tents set with fresh sea breeze and sand in your shoes. All details here create a special ambience where local folklore and art blend with modern simplicity. Located above the Chapora river estuary this is a perfect beachfront hideaway for Nomads in style. On an elevated platform with naturally tranquilizing sea view pick your catch of the day and enjoy mouth-watering dinner at sunset.


Here in the middle of lush forest, among beautiful hills of Kerala and organic coffee and spice plantations every Nomad reaches inner peace. We encourage you to take a deep breath and relax in a boutique hotel that is a plantation with great traditions at the same time. This place has its history and character. You will get to stay in a traditional Kerala-style teak villas, overlooking dense green hills, chill in a mountainside terrace pool and inhale intoxicating aromas of fresh coffee, cardamom, cloves and pepper. You are pampered here with yoga classes, ayurvedic treatments, proximity of wild nature and possibility of having the best Keralan fresh meal. What else is there to wish? There is a reason they call Kerala a God’s own country, a piece of paradise awaits for you with open arms.


Nomad’s real nature reveals here… in Karnataka. Along the Kabini river meanders you will find yourself exploring one of the worlds’ top wildlife destinations. This unique place is totally secluded from the chaos of modern urban life yet with the luxury amenities you need in order to fully relax. By that we mean cozy eco-friendly cottages dotted over the space of 10 acres, with open air Jacuzzi and a beautiful grand pool set amidst wild backwaters area. That’s a combination you don’t get to experience every day. Spend here days full of adventures in wildlife with jungle safari, bird watching, coracle rides and nature walks ended with great food, rejuvenating traditional massages and friendly company. Wildlife heaven for those who like being pampered. Who said you can’t have it all?

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