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Keep calm and DIVE in India

The long protected gem of India is located in the Bay of Bengal and is physically closer to Thailand than India. How does that matter when you want to do scuba diving in India? Well, have you heard of diving spots and stunning coral reefs in Thailand? Well…imagine those but with less tourists, less boats on each dive site, less noise and no cell network. That would be in short what as a diver you can expect on Andaman Islands tour with scuba diving packages India. Sounds tempting, right!?


This piece of paradise belongs to India, has intriguing past and a bright future. The Andaman Islands were a British penal colony for a short time in the 1790s and then again from 1858 when a new prisoner settlement at Port Blair was established. The penal colony in the Andamans was abolished after the British recaptured the islands from Japanese occupation during World War II. India took over administration of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1947 when it gained independence.
They are part of India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands territory. There are 572 islands in the territory, only three dozen of which are inhabited. The territory has a population of nearly 380,00
The most diving oriented island is Havelock with dive centers offering scuba diving packages India and diving courses within highest international standards. The infrastructure is developed well enough for visitors to spend holidays loaded with activities. Neil Island is a smaller island with fewer amenities but also with dive sites less discovered than around Havelock.
On top of that you get the idyllic sandy beaches with great range of seaside accommodation options.
If you plan your trip with a travel boutique India you will be able to get a perfectly customized itinerary that will meet your requirements. Nomaday Travel designs scuba diving packages India according to your diving experience, fitness level and budget.
Divers of all levels enjoy sites around Andaman Islands. Few examples:
  • Aquarium
Depth: 12-14m | Category: Beginner There is a spot called Aquarium, but no worries you won’t be surrounded by any glass! It’s a great spot to smoothly start the adventure and admire colorful reef already on the depth of 5 meters. This gently sloping reef is home to Scorpionfish, Nudibranchs, Pipe fishes and many other cute reef creatures.
  • South Button
Depth: 6-30m | Category: Intermediate/Advanced Waters around a small island South Button. A large list of sea creatures is to be seen here including Manta Ray, Barracuda, Big Eyed Trevally, Batfish as well as Crocodile Fish, Moray Eels, turtles, Angelfish, Blue Fin Trevally and Nudibranch….
  • Lighthouse
Depth: 6-18m | Category: Beginner There is a small wreck of a fishing boat to visit that stands upright from the sandy bottom attracting variety of fishes. Dive is near the Lighthouse with bizarrely technicolor coral ecosystems where crocodile-fishes and flying lion fishes play hide and seek.
  • Junction
Depth: 25-35m | Category: Advanced Absolutely stunning. Greatly popular site among advanced divers, and with good reason – on a typical day, you get to see sharks, schools of barracuda, a turtle or two, groupers, large schools of fusiliers, trevally, groupers and maybe even tuna. Strong currents and a deep bottom make this site suitable for advanced divers only. AND MANY MANY MORE…!The list of sites is much longer and is still growing. What you are going to see and explore depends on you, the season you choose and weather conditions.

WHEN is the best time to do scuba diving in India?

The peak season would be from December till May when the sun is there, sea is flat and visibility is great. Recently though, due to all the climate change, the good diving period extends and already September, October and November are perfect for divers to enjoy the water and hyper increased fishlife. June till August is mainly about the monsoon what means that water can be rough, it rains a lot and diving conditions are a bit unpredictable.


•    Underwater life is similar as in Thailand but…. •    It’s cheaper than Thailand  🙂 •    Water is clean, coral reefs not damaged, fish in abundance •    Dive centers are professional and have friendly staff •    It’s calm, quiet and chilled (no overloaded discos, drugged under aged party animals, pushy souvenirs sellers, no road traffic) •    Food is fresh, cheap and delicious (fish Thali rules! Around 1.5-2 EUR) •    They have amazing Ayurvedic (ancient Indian traditional medicine) massages and treatments in great prices (a full body 1 hour massage with natural oils starts from 10EUR) •    It’s better to go sooner than later because more and more people find out about Andamans and the touristic profile of these paradise islands will probably change
Don’t wait and plan your  scuba diving packages India with travel boutique India just like HERE.

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