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“Focus on your journey, not on your destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it…”.Think of spending few days in a non-commercial ambiance, getting fully freed from stress and thoughts and just enjoying healthy natural hot springs treatments in pure nature…Why not? Welcome to Tattapani – the paradise of natural sulphur “Jacuzzis”!!!



 How to reach Tattapani?


The best and most interactive and scenic view is discovered through the window of a Toy train which leads you to Shimla. Taking a journey on the historic UNESCO World Heritage Kalka-Shimla toy train is like traveling with the time machine. This incredible train route connects both places and runs for 96 kilometres through 20 railway stations, 103 tunnels, 800 bridges and 900 incredible curves!!! You definitely will not get bored…When you arrive to Shimla, you have two options: to stay here and discover ex-British mountain hill station-Shimla or go directly to Tattapani. We do recommend seeing both places!




  Why is Shimla so exceptional?

The ideal time to visit Shimla does not exist, one can say that the peak time for Shimla’s hill station travel is all throughout the year! So let’s start the sightseeing from Tara Devi, temple called ‘’pilgrimage among clouds’’, the beautiful temple situated on top of the hill and surrounded by scenic view…Other strong point of the town is  the colonial British style buildings. If you are still motivated for a small hike, one more temple-Jakhu temple, surrounded with monkeys, is waiting for you! Be careful with monkeys…we saw monkeys stealing cameras, glasses and other human belongings… In the evening get surprised: local fruit wine is delicious and you can get it on the main street in Shimla’s local wine shop…Sit comfortably on your terrace and enjoy the view of Himalayas with the glass of this local goodie!




Ralaxation and nirvana in hot springs?!



Today we stop in non-commercial atmosphere where the locals did not see many tourists. Have you ever tried the natural hot water beds-hot springs? It is the best opportunity to try it and have such a relaxing day since long time! Natural sulphur springs of 50 degrees Celsius. It is a relief to the people suffering from joint pains, fatigue and stress or any type of skin diseases…Few days in natural springs can bring back your vitality, good mood and energy for next months! Take your partner or friends and have fun in the nature: we recommend to do rafting on the Sutlej river and after this enjoy natural “Jacuzzis”… The best thing is that local people are very open minded and you can take a bath topless without worries: man and woman are respective to each other and nudity do not surprise them! Boutique tour organizer Nomaday travel can offer you amazing boutique style properties  within pure nature for your exceptional stay in Himalayan region. Just try it and enjoy traveling in India!




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