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Single woman traveler in India Boutique tour operator India

Another fan of co-working spaces is expat Sarune Baubaite who runs boutique online travel agency Nomaday Travel, which organises day trips and holidays across India. She has lived in Delhi for four years and has been co-working since May 2015, she finds co-working spaces to be productive environments.

Baubaite has been watching the city’s startup scene develop with interest. “Many local people who were living and studying abroad in places like the UK, the US and Australia are coming back to establish startups here because Delhi is a growing market and has big potential,” she says. “Indian society is becoming less conservative, so it’s a good time to bring new ideas to the market.”She adds that India has a traditionally slow-moving work culture. “Working in India isn’t easy because of the difference in mentality: people here like to delay everything or promise to do something and never do it,” she says. Co-working spaces and collaboration with local workers are useful ways to overcome these cultural differences – especially for expat entrepreneurs.Co-workers in Delhi can offer a local perspective on things’’. Read Guardian and USA Today articles here:



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