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Top 10 Beaches of Goa


Beaches are an absolute favorite for majority of us. They’re like those snacks that we have been having all the way from childhood to today, but never got bored of them. There are few places in the world with beaches so beautiful, so spellbinding; they leave you wondering how come something as simple as a combination of sand and water can be so beautiful. Goa (in India) is one such destination to die for. With literally the most unbelievable landscapes, Goa is a globally recognized travel destination. From magnanimous, peaceful beaches to those with the wildest of nightlife, Goa is the perfect getaway for any kind of traveller. The jaw dropping range of palatable cuisines, especially the most authentic seafood and liquor makes it the most preferred vacation for youngsters (and their bachelor parties).

The beauty of its beaches is not just a wonder of nature but also an amalgamation of the culture it has inherited by the kinds of population it has borne; ‘The Portuguese’ being the most influential.

So this weekend, pack your bags and get ready for the most happening Sun-days and the nightlife that never ends on these ‘Top 10’ beaches in Goa:

Colva Beach (South Goa)


There’s a reason why ‘Colva’ is the first name on this list. Located in South Goa, it’s the oldest, largest and one of the most subtle beaches of Goa. With a coastline of about 2.5 Km, it’s a great place for long walks and Usain Bolt’s practice sessions. The ‘Menino Jesus’ statue at the ‘Lgreja de Nossa Senhora de Piedade’ church is a popular nearby tourist attraction.

In colonial times, this place, being the resting spot for the high-society people of village ‘Margao’, has an elaborate touch of extravagancy. It has an abundance of shacks and restaurants that flaunt the not-so-common wine and dine culture in India. Don’t forget to try the ‘Fried Mackerel fish’, which is pretty good here.

For your inner adventurer, Colva beach has ‘Parasailing’, which is basically flying over the ocean with a glider that’s attached to a steamer.

Agonda Beach


One of the quieter beaches of Goa in South Goa, this one is a must visit for those who prefer calm over emprise. It’s a small fishermen village that has preserved its flavor of tranquility so beautifully, not even cows mind taking a walk out here. (Come on, they give you Cheese for your Pizza; the least they can take is a walk). Yeah, right? Now the Italians are going to love this beach.

Quite known for its placidity, people often come here for yoga sessions, exercising, relaxing, or a long walk on a 3 km coastline. With no such nightlife, Agonda beach has no regrets as it has great seafood and vegetarian restaurants lined up to compensate. The Blue Planet Café is one of the most noted here that serves soul-satiating organic vegan food. The beach has a variety of activities to keep you engaged. Join the Samdarshi’s meditation Ashram for the ultimate relaxation you’ve been looking for. Lose yourself and dance in the ‘Dance evenings’ to let go of all the worries you’ve had in the past. Or maybe just check out the number of Yoga & Wellness centers here to learn some advanced yoga techniques; the Agonda beach is the perfect spot for those who want to simply ‘chill’.

Palolem Beach


Matt Damon used the movie ‘Bourne Supremacy’ as an excuse to experience the wild nightlife at the Palolem Beach. Think! (Okay not really).

Located in the South Goa district, the beach has little shacks inhabited by the local fishermen. Typically a hot spot for the young travellers and foreign tourists, Palolem beach needs no introduction when it comes to how much fun one can have here. Food and Parties flow in the veins of this dynamic destination. All kinds of accommodation are available right on the beaches, which are made every season for the travellers.

“Dolphin trip” is the most attractive perk of visiting this beach. Not that you’ll get to ride a Dolphin, but you’ll be riding a boat near a bunch of happy Dolphins springing around you. Yes, top up your DSLRs ( what is it ? )!

“Money stone” is another unique tourist attraction here, which is also called “Give if you can- take if you have to”. It’s a big round stone with a hole where, in the hole, people can leave money here at their will and the needy ones can take it if they really need it. It’s a moral thing to be exact.

Cavelossim Beach


Another gem in the crown of Goa, one of the most highly ranked and recommended beaches of Goa is Cavelossim beach, which has quite a lot to offer. Marked by its Black lava rocks stealing away the authority from the contrasting, powdery white sand, Cavelossim beach is situated 15 kms in the south of Margao. It is less to moderately crowded. With restaurants galore, Cavelossim beach is quite known for its joyous days and happening nightlife.

The experience at Cavelossim beach can be scheduled beautifully. Start your morning with jog on a sand-padded coastline and Ayurvedic massages and Body spa offered by a plethora of health centers here. Treat your afternoon with a sunbath followed by a sating Seafood lunch. Brim up your glasses with a sunset drink and enjoy the sunset as it mends your evening with the crazy nightlife with parties, food and music that just goes on until you give up. So, let’s see who gives up first.

This beach is the holy grail of adventure for those who always seek the adrenaline rush. With adventure options like Parasailing, Jet skiing, diving, windsurfing, speed boat racing, banana & bump rides and more, no one goes disappointed.

Benaulim Beach


Beanulim beach has a history that’s mentioned in the mythological scriptures of India. It is said that Benaulim is the place where the arrow of Lord Parashuram landed, which led to the creation of Goa. ‘Arrow’ translated in hindi is ‘Baan’; hence the name ‘Benaulim’. (Yeah, back in those days, weapons were used for creation). And the best thing about Benaulim beach is that, maybe due to its mythological stature, it isn’t much commercialized yet. That said, it is preferably a good choice for those who need momentary solitaire i.e., it is one of the quieter beaches of Goa. However, the beach is still invaded by tourists on weekends. There’s a secondary part of this beach called ‘Vaddi beach’, which is the less explored part of it. This place is famous also for the Kashmiri and Tibetan jewellery at the local market. The traditional ‘Rosewood’ furniture is another specialty this beach boasts of.

Benaulim beach too has options for adventure sports such as Jet skiing, snorkeling, parasailing and windsurfing. Boat excursions for Dolphin spotting is a popular activity here (among the Dolphins too. They call it Human spotting).

The food culture at Benaulim is diverse as you can get all types of food such as Indian, Chinese, Seafood, Italian, Thai, Asian. Miguel Arcanjo and Pedro’s are some restaurants that have earned their name in this semi-heaven of cuisines. Such a pity our stomach isn’t infinite.

Mandrem Beach


Another one of the peaceful beaches situated between Ashwem and Arambol beaches of North Goa, Mandrem beach hasn’t been explored by many. But that’s the beauty of it. If you like to read a novel or have a long talk with your loved one under a shack with the redness of a beautiful sunset kissing your face, it can’t get any better than here. This beach is generally not known for anything. But before you label that as boring, think for a second how much joy there is in the anonymity.

With cleanliness at its best and clear water, one generally comes here for swimming and spending a Sunday. But ‘White-bellied Eagles’ can still be seen catching fishes, working overtime. Yes, it’s all about the money honey!

The hot spots for food enthusiasts at this beach are End of the World Café and Oasis. But then people travel to the nearby Madlamaz market for a better experience, by renting a scooter for that. And don’t get us started on ‘how much fun a scooter ride on Indian streets is’!

Arambol Beach


The narrow Glastonbury road leads to foreigners’ favorite and the most hippy-friendly beach of Goa, the Arambol beach. The beach is a pinnacle of simplicity coupled with genuine fun. It is crowded mainly with foreign tourists.

A noticeable thing about this beach is a fresh water lagoon that can be reached by walking north, through the cliff path. It’s a great way to chill in case you don’t like too much salt. The beach is divided into two parts: The main part, Harnal beach, is crowded with straw shacks and restaurants beautifully lined in a series. You can find up to 3-star accommodation, which has been recently developed here to keep up with more and more tourists flooding with time. The secondary, Sweet Lake beach is less populated and peaceful. Just at a half-an-hour ride’s distance, is the Tiracol fort, which is at the Maharashtra Border, is a famous tourist attraction here which once played an important role in the Portuguese Maritime defense. You can walk from Sweet lake beach and enjoy the cliffs and private small beaches with no people.

As the sun goes down, the nightlife catches pace with crazy big bonfires. Restaurants here offer finest wine and great seafood beyond expectations. Enjoy sea food and evening candle lights in the Arambol beach. Do not forget to have a dinner at Cheeky monkey restaurant which serves very fresh homemade ‘’fancy’’ food and offers great prices.

Baga Beach


Baga beach is one of the unshaken beaches of North Goa. It is part of the long northern circuit beaches of Goa, namely Sinquerim, Candolim, Calangute, Anjuna, Vagator, Morjim and Arambol.

The beach has its own idiomatic identity. The Baga Creek is a river that contributes to the beauty of this place at the time of high tides. The food & club scenario at Baga is wide. The beach is lined up with clubs & restaurants that provide delectable cuisines. Some of the most known are Club Cubana, Fat Fish, Café Mambos and Britto’s which are the classiest spots of this beach.

The major activity at this beach is fishing as it is actually a fishing village. You can find many boats and fishermen shacks by the beach, pretty much the typical image you have in your mind for Goa beaches. In case only rolling and jumping in the sea waves isn’t enough for you, there’s a cool ‘Blue Whale Water Park’ at a walking distance from the beach. And in the furthest case, if you’re not in a mood for water at all, enjoy the snow at ‘Snow Park’ like you would on a hill station. There’s also a whole lot of watersport always going on around here at Baga, generally the best organized by Atlantis Watersports.

Last but not the least; ‘Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar’ is the most Non Club-ish, Vibrant part of Baga beach where you can eat, shop and enjoy the good music.

Ashwem Beach


Located in Pernem (North Goa), Ashwem beach is one of a kind. Reason being, it is suitable for both type of people: The party animals and the austerity lovers. One of the most secluded beaches of Goa, Ashwem is preferred when it comes to enjoying the ‘Me-time’. Read a novel, enjoy a coffee or just simply watch the sunset; everyone loves Ashwem when it’s about treating your soul. Or your soul-mate.

The cozy atmosphere here is the reason why locals and tourists come here to practice yoga because yoga is more about mental stillness. On the other hand, the ones with the ‘Not-so-tender’ souls can enjoy the extended nightlife here. We would suggest Bora Bora Life and Flor Do Mar for the ultimate experience. Due to the presence of choicest fine-dine restaurants, both local and international, people always make sure ‘Ashwem’ didn’t go unchecked in their to-do list for Goa. And in case you wanted to ride a surfboard, this is one of those rare places in India where you can do that.

Cola Beach


First of all: No! It has nothing to do with CocaCola.

Cola beach is a lesser known beach of Goa which is equally as good as any. Located in the South Goa, Cola beach described in three words is: Coconut trees, Rocky shores and Tents. This is probably the least commercialized beach in Goa with only 3 resorts offering accommodation: The Cola beach resort, Soneca Beach resort and Blue Lagoon resort. The Cola beach is divided into three bays, each owned by a resort. The off-beat factor of this beach is the tent accommodation it offers, which is a concept that generally came from Rajasthan, the most arid region of India. That’s pretty contrasting.

There are no watersports or nightlife or unlimited drinks over here, but it doesn’t have to be compared with other beaches. Its simplicity speaks for itself. The water is clearer in comparison with most of the beaches in Goa. The shore is lined with beautiful coconut trees which make sure you can finally believe you’re in Goa.

There’s also a private lagoon here which is another factor that makes you wonder how come people don’t come here often. The truth is, they do; just not in flocks.

There are only few places on this earth we’d like to call ‘Pieces of Heaven’. And in that context, Goa is the largest piece of all. From quietest to wildest ambiences, playful to plushest of beaches, the unbelievable sun that sets every evening in the very same fashion but still leaves us wondering; Goa is everything one cannot afford to miss in a lifetime.

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