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Top 10 ‘Must-have’ Things to Pack for India Tour

India is a great place to explore things you’d never even imagine you would. From sandy shores to sandy tracks, chilling cold to warm sunshine, posh locations to austerest of places, chirpy birds to roaring tigers ; as a matter of fact, it all comes under one roof here. But then, to make sure you extract the most out of the Indian episode, you need to play by the rules it has; just like you have to adapt to any other place that has a different style of living than yours. That’s basic, you know!

There are certain things you’ve got to have while traveling in this incredible country to have a smooth time here. And because we care about you; our utmost priority being ‘Planning the most convenient trip for you (and the most memorable one too)’, we have come up with a list of ‘must-have items’ that you should follow while packing your luggage to this ‘Roller-coaster escapade’.


To fit everything you need & love and still walk comfortably is possible only with a rucksack. It is spacious enough to fit everything you want to carry. Well, we mean almost everything. And the best thing is that its vertical structure aligns itself with your height, has a balanced net downward-force and let’s just say, it helps you walk comfortably (detailed physics lessons: some other day).

Power Bank

The literal meaning of power bank is most apparent in India: it empowers you. For instance, running out of battery with, god-forbid, a broken down car or a similarly bad situation, might become a prolonged bad experience. So, always carry a power bank of at least 12000 mAh, assuming your phone has an average, 3000 mAh battery. This will give you 4 charge cycles for your phone (4 x 3000=12000 mAh). Remember, a charged phone = invincibility in India.

Air Filter Masks

India has a dusty terrain, and in some places a little polluted too; especially if you’re landing in Delhi (the capital of India). But that isn’t a hurdle for travellers anymore. With the availability of an ‘Air filter mask’, forget worrying about what’s entering your lungs. But make sure it’s a proper ‘Air filter mask’ and not just a piece of cloth you’re tying around. (Refer to the above picture to see what it looks like).


You can’t afford to NOT have a camera in a place where you might even get to witness a monkey riding a dog. Just saying! Apart from that, the beautiful ranges of Himalaya, the eternally flowing Ganges, the majestic Camels of Rajasthan, the never seen before Folk dances and an endless list of such experiences; one just cannot miss to capture it all. We know you trust your memory more than the camera, but just in case.

US/UK-type to Euro-type plug converter

You are on a vacation in India and also have to keep up with work from your Mac, but you can’t plug your it to a power source because of the incompatible structure of your charger. What a shipwreck, right? India has Euro-type power sockets, which is a lot different than the US-type flat sockets and the UK type square sockets (in the picture, the leftmost one is the US-type, the one in the centre is UK-type and the one on the right is Euro-type, which is used in India). Avoid inconvenience by carrying a suitable plug converter and you’re good to go.

Sports Shoes

Exploring the greatest locations in India, comes at a cost. Run, walk, climb, fall; but don’t stop. And for all that you’ll need a comfortable pair of sports shoes that can keep up with your thirst to explore. So, do carry your favorite footwear, but don’t forget the sports shoes; you can thank us later.

First-aid Kit

No matter where you go, always be able to help yourself with a First-aid Kit at your disposal. Medical services are not very accessible in remote areas in India. You can always get an ambulance but it might take a little more time than usual. So you have to handle the situation till help arrives. Include hand sanitizer in the kit as well. Do a double check before putting it in the luggage.

Medicines & Supplements

Don’t forget to pack some common medicines and probiotic supplements to keep your trip free from health-related hassles. Probiotics like Vizylac, Bifilac which help keeping your stomach healthy throughout the trip, can be easily obtained at extremely cheaper prices in India (a bottle of Vizylac costs only 25 cents). Apart from these, Yakult (a popular probiotic drink made from skimmed milk) is also recommended, a bottle of which costs a mere dollar. L. acidophilus supplements are also available here, which is another great way to maintain your gut health.


The climate of India varies greatly from place to place. The weather that felt pleasant in Kashmir might turn scorching in Rajasthan. It is thus recommended to pack both dark and light type of clothes. Don’t forget to pack a jacket if you’re planning to visit mostly the Upper-northern part of India. For the rest, light to medium clothes would suffice; though a cardigan is still advised for sudden change in weather which isn’t a big deal here.

Sunscreen Lotion

India, being closer to the Eqautor, receives lots of sunlight. Although, on a cold day it feels like a boon; it induces sunburn in hotter days. Pack a bottle of sunscreen lotion and enjoy the beaches without a scintilla of worry.

So, these were some of the most useful tips you can follow to have a fabulous, inconvenience-free travelling experience in India. You can also carry an Indian travel guide to know more about particular areas and adapt your plans accordingly.

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