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Our adventure with India started some years back and has been evolving since. Loads of travels, friendships, joys, successes and failures gave us experiences that changed us as people and travelers and gave unmatchable insight into India’s wonderland.

Nomaday people are travelers therefore naturally we run a travel blog about India as a fun way to share our stories and as a tool to help other travelers find useful information about India.  We figured that best travel blog about India will be the one that shows various aspects of life here… culture, travel tips, joys and struggles, destinations, cuisine, useful info, things to do, funny stories and all sorts of observations an expat can have in this special place. We do our best to show you the real India both in our stories and our tailored tours. If you find some subject worth mentioning and you haven’t found it yet do let us know. If you find some posts inspiring do let us know. If you want to talk about traveling, India, tour planning do let us know. If your dream is to visit India do let us know.

We do our best to make our travel blog about India the best travel blog about India for those who seek real, funny, useful and interesting info about our beloved masala land. This country is a never-ending source of surprises.  Enjoy the read and don’t hesitate to comment!

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